Communication is the exchange of information, feeling, pictures -- words are not necessary for communication. Animals know that the spirit is not bound by words. As natural creatures, they do not put up the shields that humans, who are often skeptics, do, so they are easy to "read.  " By tuning int, I "see"  an
animal's thoughts, which usually come to me as pictures and feelings, and I receive details on its fears, concerns, likes, needs, and wants. By scanning an animal's energy field, I detect disturbances that might not be apparent on the physical level and bring them to light so they can be addressed before they
become serious problems.   Evolved creatures with information beyond their particular desires and needs, animals offer guidance and wisdom to us for a higher purpose. Like our spirit guides in other forms, they rejoice when we communicate. They have much to say and are thrilled when they are given the
chance to express themselves. I've helped people discover ways to get their cats to finally take their medication, uncovered the cause for behavioral problems such as sudden aggression, detected physical ailments that caused irritable behavior in dogs, found the source of aloofness and lack of cooperation in a
horse, found the reason for a dog's sudden fear of the outdoors, and always, always find something to bring people and their pets closer.



Reiki  (pronounced RAY - KEY) is an ancient Tibetan/Japanese form of energy healing which can be administered hands-on or aurically (working just inches above the physical body.) It produces a relaxing, soothing feeling in the client and permeates physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. It can be used for
acute problems, illnesses, and a general clearing of the chakras and energy field. Reiki can be performed in a "circle," a group, or privately on a massage table. Most people feel cleansed and nourished after experiencing Reiki. Reiki is taught in 3 levels. Level I attunes the student to reiki energy and teaches
basic hand positions and physical healing; Reiki II further increases the Reiki vibration and adds distance and emotional/spiritual levels of healing; Reiki III is the Master degree, which enables the practitioner to teach Reiki classes.  There must be a minimum of 21 days in between Reiki I and Reiki II initiations, and
one year as a Reiki practitioner is a prerequisite for Reiki III. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR HEALING ABILITY is necessary to begin studying Reiki.   It's for everyone.


Prices vary according to area. Reiki sessions cost much the same as a massage in many places, approximately $75 per hour-long session.   Reiki classes range more widely in price, so look around and see where you are most comfortable. Reiki is taught in three levels, although it is not necessary for a student
to complete all levels. My prices for Reiki are consistent with local rates, making Reiki much more affordable than it used to be! Please see the SERVICES page and check my
Out and About page for upcoming classes.   A word of caution: if the cost of a local Reiki class seems exorbitant compared to the norm,
find another practitioner. The governing principle when one offers Reiki is
FAIR EXCHANGE. Use that as a guide.


A  reading is really a spiritual counseling session using intuitive techniques and  often metaphysical tools (cards, psychometry, clairvoyance crystals, runes).  The reader receives messages, images, symbols, and information from higher energies to share with the client  to assist  with decision making and help
provide clarity and balance. Basically a good reading leads to self-discovery and confirms what the client already knows subconsciously.  Its purpose is to guide people toward their higher good.  A reading can illuminate an issue or situation  that needs attention to help a client  overcome obstacles; it can identify  
strategies for success; it can encourage a client by giving a glimpse of outcomes and consequences; and it should always leave the client feeling supported by the Universe.


No.  Telepathy doesn't require physical proximity.   As a matter of fact, the majority of my readings are done via distance.  Because I use psychometry as a tool to tune in clairvoyantly, it is very easy for me to work through photos.  Many clients e-mail me photos of their animals and in meditation, I "go in" and
retrieve the information they seek, engaging the animal in telepathic conversation.  From there, we go back and forth until  all the answers are received and the client is happy.  My national and international  clientele works this way; it's been successful.


YES!  Gifts of the Spirit are yours!  Developing the ability to read and heal can be learned. The process begins with meditation, visualization, and intent. It is important to recognize that all gifts come from Spirit (God, Great Mystery, Consciousness, call it what you will) -- understanding that you possess the
potential to do the work of Spirit is the first step. Then take a class or two or three in meditation, intuition, creating your own reality. Read, read, and read. Have fun with the cards and other divination tools, but remember that a true reading comes from your heart and soul, not from a book. Visit a metaphysical
store and browse, linger, absorb. Dream a lot! Trust! Practice! Ask your guides for help. It will come.