An animal communicator is essentially a psychic/medium who works with animals both here and in spirit.
 Communication is the exchange of information, feeling, pictures -- words are not necessary for communication. The spirit is not bound by words. As natural
 creatures, animals do not put up the shields that humans, who are often skeptics, do, so they are easy to "read" and for them, telepathic communication is
 completely natural.  They are thrilled that we can reach them on their intuitive levels. Animal communication also helps detect physical issues. By scanning an
 animal's energy field, we can identify disturbances that might not yet be apparent on the physical level; we bring them into balance, addressing them before
 issues such as fear and aggression, felt physical ailments  that caused irritable behavior in dogs (ask me about that Rotweiler who needed surgery!), Animal
 communication sessions always bring people and their pets closer.

               WHAT IS REIKI?

 Reiki  (pronounced RAY - KEY) is an ancient Tibetan/Japanese form of energy healing which can be administered hands-on or aurically (working just inches
 above the physical body.)   It produces a relaxing, soothing feeling in the client and permeates physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. It can be used for acute
 problems, illnesses, and a general energy clearing.   Reiki is delivered  in a group  "circle,"  privately individually on a massage table, or through distance healing
 sessions.  Becoming a practitioner involves three levels of study:  Reiki I is the general practitioner attunement, Reiki II teaches distance and spiritual healing,
 and Level III is the Master degree, which enables the practitioner to teach Reiki classes.  NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE OR HEALING ABILITY is necessary to
 begin studying Reiki.   


 Course fees vary widely according to area (and the ethics of the teacher). Reiki sessions cost much the same as a massage in many places,.    My
 class fees are consistent with  local rates, but be careful when selecting a practitioner!   If the fee doesn't feel right, look elsewhere.  The governing principle   
 for Reiki sessions and classes is is
FAIR EXCHANGE. Use that as a guide.


  No.  Telepathy doesn't require physical proximity. Neither does Reiki.   As a matter of fact, the majority of my readings are done via distance.  Using photos
  to tune in clairvoyantly in clairvoyantly is easy.  Much of my clientele is national; people e-mail me photos of their animals and in meditation, I "go in" and
  retrieve the information they seek, engaging the animal in telephathic conversation.  From there, we goback and forth until  all the answers are received and the
  client is satisfied with the information.


 YES!  Gifts of the Spirit are yours!  Developing the ability to read and heal can be learned. The process begins with meditation, visualization, and intent. It is     
 important to recognize that all gifts come from Spirit (God, Great Mystery, Consciousness, call it what you will) -- understanding that you possess the
 potential to do the work of Spirit is the first step. Then take a class or two or three in meditation, intuition, creating your own reality. Read, read, and read.        
 Have fun with the cards and other divination tools, but remember that a true reading comes from the heart, not from a book.
Visit a metaphysical store and browse, linger, absorb. Dream a lot! Trust! Practice! Find classes.  Ask someone to teach you.  Ask your guides for help.