Fee Schedule

Telephone reading: $75

In person: 1/2 hour  $ 75
             1 hour    $120

Chakrasix@aol.com for appointment
or call
954-597-6127, 954-254-8405
                      Readings for People
phone or in person
With nearly 30 years experience, Lisa has been a
professional Tarot reader since 1988, working at  
metaphysical centers,  on national psychic phone
networks, at local psychic fairs, and out of her
Using various tools such as quartz pendulums to
enhance her psychic readings, Lisa is able to hone in
on positive and negatie vibrations and yes/no
answers to specific questions.
Lisa is a clairvoyant reader,receiving clear pictures
and messages from our spirit guides and angelic
visitors.  She has been practicing psychometry for
over 25 years; that is the technique of touching an
object or photo and receiving specific information to
provide clarity, guide you to wise choices, and help
you achieve ultimate harmony.  
It easy to do phone readings with e-mailed