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Handicapped Pets
Animal Communication, Reiki, & Grief Support
Consultations, Classes, Lectures
Rev. Lisa Shaw, M.A.                            954-597-6127
Animal Communication will help you

                               Solve behavioral mysteries   
                               Detect physical imbalances  
                               Discover your animal's inner feelings and thoughts
                               Bond on a deeper level    
                               Express your feelings and needs clearly
                               Communicate with departed animals  
                               Reduce anxiety and stress
                               Increase positive energy flow  

  • End of life decisions *  Loving farewells  *  Afterlife communication  * Peace

                  About Lisa

Lisa is a telepathic animal communicator and  clairvoyant.    In a communication session with an animal, she
receives and sends pictures and thoughts , allowing for deep and   meaningful exchanges between you and
your pet for both  living animals and those who have departed this plane.

She has been a traditional Usui  Reiki Master,since 1994 and in a session, combines this energy healing with  
EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique), energy medicine based on meridians and acupuncture points, that
helps to release physical and emotional debris, allowing us to be more of who we truly are.   Session are
conducted either In-person or via distance Lisa travels to
Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach  counties..
She has a n M.F.A. in Creative Writing and an M.A.  Pastoral ministries and has trained as a hospice chaplain.
She specializes in loss and healing, particularly  the end of life issues we face with our animal companions.  

Lisa's work with animals has been featured in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, on ABC News
and on Bloomberg National Radio, and she is an award winning professor at a respected college in Miami.  
Currently, she writes articles on spirituality and metaphysics for
OmTimes Magazine and has two e-books
available on
As her primary ministerial service, she conducts a free weekly international Distance Reiki Circle for Animals on
Facebook.  Her ordination is through Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., and her ministerial education is
from St. Thomas University.  She is ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement Inc.

Speaking Engagements: Whether you need keynote, recreational, or instructional presentations,Lisa is
available  to address your group on many subjects  Intuitive Development, Energy Work, Animal
Communication, Creative Writing through Right Brain Exercise, On-the-Spot Readings and workshops,
meditation, and hypnosis.  Enlighten and entertain your group, meeting, or social gathering with stories and
demonstrations that illustrate our remarkable capabilities and potential for healing.  Fees vary.
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