About Lisa

                          A telepathic animal communicator and  clairvoyant, Lisa Shaw has devoted the last 30 years to the animal wellness
                          and interspecies communication.  A consultation with Lisa is a three-way dialogue with your animal companion in which
                          you share meaningful exchanges and gain new insights.  She works with pets both living and those who have left
                           the earth plane.

                           Her  work with animals has been featured in the S
outh Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, on ABC News and on
                          Bloomberg National Radio.  An award winning writing professor at a renowned  Miami college,, Lisa  is a featured
                          writer for
 OmTimes magazine.  

                          She is a traditional Usui  Reiki Master since 1994,  a trained hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, and intuitive counselor.  As
                          a clairvoyant, she helps clients truly know the hearts and minds of  their beloved animals.  In 2012, Lisa completed an M.A.
                          in Pastoral Ministry specializing in  Loss and Healing to help her clients face end of life issues with their animal
                          companions.  She has trained as a hospice chaplain

:                                        Lisa is availabe for consultations, classes and workshops, and speaking engagements.


Handicapped Pets
Animal Communication, Reiki, & Grief Support
Consultations, Classes, Lectures
Rev. Lisa Shaw, M.A.            Chakrasix@aol.com                          954-597-6127
Illumination Inc.,
A Healing Ministry
              Animal Communication will help you

                             Solve behavioral mysteries   
                             Detect physical imbalances  
                             Discover your animal's inner feelings and thoughts
                             Bond on a deeper level    
                             Express your feelings and needs clearly
                             Communicate with departed animals  
                             Reduce anxiety and stress
                             Increase positive energy flow   

  • End of life decisions *  Loving farewells  *  Afterlife communication  * Peace
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