is Reiki?

    1.  Healing Energy. Reiki is simply Universal Life Energy that we as practitioners channel for healing body, mind, and spirit.
    2.  Soothing Energy.  It works on the body, mind, and spirit, producing calming effects.
    3.  Cleansing Energy.  It raises our vibration as it clears our energy field of debris and blockages that interfere with our growth.

Who Performs Reiki?

All healing comes from the same Divine source.  Reiki is one method with ancient Tibetan and Japanese roots whereby energy is   transferred through  from a Reiki
Master to a student/initiate.  It can be hands on or auric (just above the body in the auric   field).  Anyone who has been attuned by a certified Reiki Master can
practice Reiki.Three levels are taught in the traditional Usui Method of Natural Healing (the type of Reiki I perform and teach).  First Degree focuses on the  
physical attunement and physical healing and purpose/history of the art.  Second Degree expands the Reiki energy, teaching sacred symbols   to   use for distance
and emotional/psychologtical healing.  Third degree, the Reiki Master level, enables practitioners  to teach and initiate  others.  It  raises one's vibration further to
promote healing of the self and others

Who Receives Reiki?

Reiki works on all living things (and even on inanimate objects, too).  Of course, people were the  initial Reiki clients,   but the energy works wonders on all living
things.  Plants and animals enjoy tremendous benefits from Reiki, and in my experience, even more than people since they are neither skeptical of nor resistant to
natural healing methods.  When I received my Reiki I training back in 1989, I didn't realize how important it was until I came home that night to see my terminally
ill standard poodle in distress from  auto-immune intestinal diseased.  I  gave him Reiki energy, and within moments, the violent noises in his belly subsided, and he
fell into a calm sleep.  I knew then what would be my primary purpose as a Reiki practitioner and completed the next two levels of training within a couple of years.  
I have never been sorry.  I have had quite a
few terminally ill canine  clients; it is truly a gift for them as it eases the effects of stressful chemotherapy
and aggressive steroidal therapy.  It also eases the transition from this life to the next, for animals and people as well.Many hospice patients benefit from Reiki in this regard.

How is it administered?

People receive Reiki treatments on a massage table.  The recipient lies on the table while the practitioner administers reikiat chakra points or over the entire body
and on areas that require particular attention.  We always start at the head (crown) as energy flows Often the client will drift off in meditation or sleep while soft
music plays in the backgro

Can Anyone Learn?

YES!!!!  Reiki requires no prior experience or belief system. It is not confined to an elite few but meant for planetary healing and is   therefore  accessible to
everyone with an interest.  Anyone, regardless of spiritual background, training, religious conviction, or   intuitive ability can be attuned  and practice Reiki

The Reiki Principles  

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, no not anger.

Honor your parents, teachers, and elders.

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing
This little rescue pup was not expected to survive.  The Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue brought me to her when she was hardly two weeks old and struggling to
hang on, the size of a large hamster.  I held my  hands over her as she lay still, not even sure she was still breathing.  The rescue volunteers looked on silently.  
After about five minutes, eyes still closed, she stood up, turned around, let out the tiniest little sigh, and went back to sleep.  I left the rescue van in tears; it was an
incredibly sad and sacred experience as she lay teetering between life and death.

She DID hold on, and  her condition improved enough for her to be fostered, and then adopted.  Here she is about a month later in her foster home.  She is a
success through
Reiki and a whole lotta love from Justin Bartlett volunteers.