Animal Communication Sessions  (in person) $110  initial consultation, $75 follow-up sessions.  Lisa travels to you in Palm Beach,
Broward, and Dade Counties.  Call for an appointment.

Online/e-mail Readings:  $75
Through photographs, I tune in to your animal, here or departed, to conduct a communication session.  
You will be astounded by the accuracy and helpfulness of these sessions.

Speaking Engagements:   $300 and up
Fascinate your club members, friends and associates with fun, informative, and life-changing information and experience
in animal communication, afterlife communication, awakening your psychic center. Lisa will tailor her
presentation to meet your group's needs and include mini-readings for all in attendance. Perfect for corporate, recreational
and educational conferences, meetings, conventions.

Reiki Training  Level I: $150        Level II: $200       Level: 3:  $300
25% discount for those who work in animal rescue/welfare/wellness

    Reiki is taught by a certified Reiki Master in 3 levels. Level 1 attunes you to Reiki energy and teaches
    the history, purpose, and techniques.  Level II teaches emotional/psychological and distance healing techniques.
    You need the distance of at least 21 days between Reiki I and II initiations.   Reiki III is the Master level, taught
    after you have been practicing Reiki for at least a year.

Animal Communication and Intuitive Development Classes: Fee Varies by Group Size and Course Length

Classes are tailored for your group.  Learn to meditate, visualize,  relax, and release so you can receive your
own psychic messages.