Animal Communication Sessions  $110  initial consultation, $75 follow-up sessions

Online/e-mail Readings:  $75

    Animal Communication is the telepathic exchange of thoughts and feelings.  A session permits you to discover your companion's innermost thoughts, solve mysteries,
    address behavior issueRs, and  most often, simply have fun!  A session creates a deeper level of bonding between you and your animal.  They last anywhere from 40
    minutes to two hours, as long as it takes.  Special rates for multiple animals.  I travel to your home where your animal is most comfortable.

Distance Reiki Sessions  $25  

    Reiki, an ancient Tibetan/Japanese healing form  permeates body, mind, and spirit.  All physical conditions are connect to a spiritual condition.  Reiki induces a deep state
    of relaxation and clears the chakras and energy field to encourage healing.  As an ordained minister and spiritual counselor, I perform Reiki as spiritual healing.  
    Terminally ill animals benefit tremendously from Reiki energy -- if your animal  is undergoing any kind of chemotherapy or steroid therapy, Reiki will help de-stress your
    companion and produce a sense of calm throughout the process, however it ends.   Holistic veterinarians understand the benefits of Reiki.

Reiki Training  Level I: $150        Level II: $200       Level: 3:  300
25% discount for those who work in animal rescue/welfare/wellness

    Reiki is taught by a certified Reiki Master in 3 levels. Level 1 attunes you to Reiki energy and teaches the history, purpose, and techniques.  Level II teaches
    emotional/psychological and distance healing techniques. You need the distance of at least 21 days between Reiki I and II initiations.   Reiki III is the Master level, taught
    after you have been practicing Reiki for at least a year.

Animal Communication and Intuitive Development Classes  $75 and up

Classes are tailored for your group.  Learn to meditate, visualize,  relax, and release.    Open your psychic centers, heal       your heart, clear your path of obstacles.     Call for
information about evening and weekend classes.

Individualized Instruction: Call

Consultations and Classes