Animal Communication Sessions  $110  initial consultation, $75 follow-up sessions.  Lisa travels to you in
Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties.

Online/e-mail Readings:  $75
Through photographs, I tune in to your animal, here or departed, to conduct a communication session.  
You will be astounded by the accuracy and helpfulness of these sessions.

Speaking Engagements:   Fee Varies
Fascinate your friends and associates with fun, informative, and life-changing information and experience
in animal communication, afterlife communication, awakening your psychic center. Lisa will tailor her
presentation to meet your group's needs and include mini-readings for all in attendance.  Fee varies.

Reiki Training  Level I: $150        Level II: $200       Level: 3:  300
25% discount for those who work in animal rescue/welfare/wellness

    Reiki is taught by a certified Reiki Master in 3 levels. Level 1 attunes you to Reiki energy and teaches
    the history, purpose, and techniques.  Level II teaches emotional/psychological and distance healing techniques.
    You need the distance of at least 21 days between Reiki I and II initiations.   Reiki III is the Master level, taught
    after you have been practicing Reiki for at least a year.

Animal Communication and Intuitive Development Classes: Fee Varies by Group Size and Course Length

Classes are tailored for your group.  Learn to meditate, visualize,  relax, and release so you can receive your
 own psychic messages.  

Customized Classes or Individual Mentoring  Available