Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for the reading over the weekend for Nikko.  We have all decided to stop worrying so much and being so depressed about him and
just let him play and relax and he is so much better!
--- Mallory

I am writing to you with tears in my eyes, the message from Assia
Is truly wonderful.
I am so happy that she is all right and that the pain is all gone.
THANK YOU AGAIN Lisa, we feel truly blessed to have been able to find you,
And receive these beautiful messages.
--  Cecila

Thank you so much for this. My mom was brought to tears when it shared it with her. She lost Ginny very suddenly in 2011...
You truly touched her heart. Thank you so much. We have plans to send you a few more animals we would like to have you make
contact with.  --  Cheryl, Boca Raton

I just want to say thank you again for everything! I am so impressed you saw Maggie as accurately as you did!

God bless you for helping our animal friends!!
Jenny (and Molly!)

Again, thank you so much.  It was such a comfort to talk to you when Marcy was on the run, and I am flabbergasted how you predicted so closely what
actually ended up happening.  I sent your name to several people here in case they ever need to talk to you.  
Barbara G., Pittsburgh

You are such a special person. You do make a difference in people's lives You have made my day.  I'm going to read and reread your report about a
hundred times now.

Autumn H.
You are such a special person.  You have made my day.
Carolyn Stapleton

Thank you so much, this helps already very much!

I have to tell you, this is my second Reiki circle. Never joined one before....I really took it in this time.....I made the most wonderful connection...This
is the most wonderful thing! My heart is so full its about to bust! I feel like a weight as been lifted...when mr. zeus was put down, they didnt allow me
to be with him, I had to take him to our local pound, and on the weekends, they are so busy, pet parents just arent allowed in. Luckily I know a young
man that works there and he promised to hold Mr. Zeus for me thru the whole thing....even with that....all these years, ive had this terrible sensation
of not knowing that he was truly at peace, not knowing if he understood that I wanted so badly to be with him...now...I know...he is free and happy
and he loves me, he can't wait for me to meet him at the bridge. Thank you so much Lisa. I can't tell you what this means to me.  -- Shelly Ford

Thank you so very much. I am so grateful to have found you.
Hugs of love and light and many blessings,

OMG Lisa! You are an amazing psychic! What an awesome gift you have !
My Mom has arthritis in her right hand. We were at her house last
weekend the weekend before Benji died so obviously he was aware
of this; amazing!The dark spot you saw on the brain is my daughter's epilepsy. Her MRI showed a tiny dark spot
somewhere on her brain. This is truly incredible how much Benji knows! I am so delighted!
I'm reading and re-reading the long email about Benji from you! It is so awesome!!
Thank you.
I will print it and frame it!!--- Annette.W.

Your message about Shen's stomach combined with a visit from my dear friend and pediatrician Alicia helped immensely!    Apparently, prednisone
can cause excess stomach acid.  Alicia didn't like the sound of Shen's coughing.  She suggested that it was esophageal irritation from heartburn.  I
added a Pepcid to Shen's concoction of pills and she actually slept on the bed for part of the night.  Maybe now I can get her eating which would be a
good thing on so many fronts.

Words cannot express my gratitude.
Missy McMunn, Frederick, MD

Lisa, thank you so much.  I didn't want to divulge much information to you because I didn't want to 'influence' your reading.  It's funny, but the most
bizarre thing is the "some work needs to be done on a doorknob or lock."  I feed my 'outside' cats on my front porch.  It's always a struggle for me to
get the front door open because something's messed up with the locking mechanism.  W-D 40 hasn't helped and figure out what's wrong with it and I
haven't taken the time to call a locksmith.  It always takes 3 or 4 turns to get the damn door open!  The reference to the doorknob problem blows my
mind!)... I would like to use your services in the future.  
Stacey,  Bakersfield,California

I wanted to thank you for the reading you did for my dog, Sailor  yesterday at Camp Canine.  To say that I was pleased would be something of an
understatement!  I was very impressed with the information you were able to pick up from Sailor and pass on to me.   
While we were at my office, I was talking with her and I told her about the appointment with you.  I also told her that I wanted to know if she still
remembered Katie and if she thinks about her, so I asked Sailor to please tell you, so you could tell me, if she remembered Katie and if she still thinks
about her.  So when you told me, early in the reading, that you saw the face of a collie or a sheltie, I think my heart almost stopped beating!!  And
you got more information from Sailor, enough for me to determine that it really was Katie ..., well, I can't even describe how I felt.  Just
Shari, Boca Raton, FL

You were right about the groomer - he was in the yard                                                 
of the guy who was grooming his dogs at the kennel. ..
In case you have not heard (or Thacher didn't tell you) -
we found Thacher.  He is thin and full of burrs, but alive and well.  
Thank you so much for your help and encouragement...  
- you have no idea how much I appreciate it.
Story P., Upper Michigan

"You are amazing!"
Lynn M., Minneapolis

You were such a hit last year at the Howl A Day Jubilee...You were such a draw it would be a shame not to have you at the event.
Is it possible to squeeze us in your schedule?

Camden Smith, Division of Animal Services, Collier County, FL

[We said] our good-byes to Lady yesterday and I had a long talk with Lady after you and I spoke to ensure her that it was OK with me if she were
ready to go and that I would welcome her company anytime and will always love her. I expressed my gratitude for her unconditional love and all of
the joy she has given me which will forever be in my heart.

Lisa, your concern and help touches me and thank you once again.....You've made a real friend today and your gift will bless you many times over.  

Norman, Boca Raton, Florida

Wow, a lot of it makes sense....Lisa, I would like to keep you on as my animal communicator. I would like to keep in touch with Oreo and a few others
who have left recently.
Karen S. , Pittsburgh, PA

Did anyone tell you that you how fabulous you are today?  I took Shadow to the vet and he sure did have an ear infection!  I told Dr. Kristy what
Shadow said about her healing touch.  She half bought it but when he came back positive with his ear infection...  Then she asked me if you did
Deven, Boynton Beach, FL

CAT has ruled the house and taken care of us, especially me, for 16 years.  And now he is fading...I am too close to him to let him go.  And then you
came into my life.  I scanned the photo of CAT to you and you came back to me with such words of comfort and were totally right on.  
Janet Epstein, Columbia, Maryland

I swear I think she has been different since you did her reading!      Every day now, she wants to put her paws up on my shoulders and hug!   She is
usually stingy with her kisses, but now I get one almost every day.  Thank you again -- I view this as one of my favorite and most significant dog
events in my life!
-- Dee Dee Selph,  Irish Water Spaniel breeder,  Virginia

I transcribed the tape [of our session] for Bill and he was pretty amazed at your insights. Thanks again & keep warm,
Irene Becker,  Boynton Beach

Baby and I met you today at the K-9 Pawty and you communicated with my poodle "Baby".
I am still amazed...
Katharina, Lake Worth, FL

...just wanted to let you know that Smokey passed at 7:30 this morning. After coming home very late last night, I stayed up with him all night to keep
him comfortable which was not an easy task but he got his wish that he die in his home on his blanket with love around him. Sadly, he waited until I
left the room to go to the rest room to pass away. I had candles and incense burning all night and was giving him as much energy as he wanted to
take. I personally would like to thank you for seeing Smokey and conveying his wishes to me.
Bob,  Boca Raton FL

Hi Lisa, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our session and how helpful it was for me. Some of the things Dakota showed you such as her
paw, the left ear and the big bone was thrilling to hear. I listened to the tape last nite and realized one other thing. The face that Dakota showed you,
like a dragon, or a horse, biting down. I realized after listening to the tape again that Dakota was playing her growling game. I have a picture I
could have showed you where she was doing that, she use to do that to make me laugh.  Anyway thank you for a wonderful session.
Dee, Lighthouse Point, FL

I felt slightly foolish for doing this; how can someone heal from a picture?  Over the next few days, the tumor was reduced enough in size, little by
little, so that his eye was fully open again.  He began to eat, put back on his weight, and started to defend his territory as he used to.  Lisa continued
to work with the picture....but two and a half months later, O'Malley came home one night, and we immediately knew this was the end...he dragged
imself in, lay down, and refused to get up.  There was no other decision to be made.  Lisa gave our big guy two and a half more months of quality
time.  I know this as surely as I know anything.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart.
Pattia Creelman, Miami

Hi Lisa, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed our session and how helpful it was for me. Some of the things Dakota showed you such as her
paw, the left ear and the big bone was thrilling to hear. I listened to the tape last nite and realized one other thing. The face that dakota showed you,
like a dragon, or a horse, biting down. I realized after listening to the tape again that dakota was playing her growling game. I have a picture I could
have showed you where she was doing that, she use to do that to make me laugh.  Anyway thank you for a wonderful session.
Dee, PompanoBeach

Lisa has worked with my cats on two occasions and both times were amazing. I cannot thankher enough.  The first time was a few years ago when I
had just moved to a new home.  My cat, Pooky, went missing for over a week and I was devastated.  After placing clothes with my scent around the
yard andgoing on walks calling his name every day and night, I decided to phone Lisa.  I sent a picture via email and described the situation. Lisa
advised me tocontinue my walks as Pooky was nearby.  She mentioned a fence, flowers,and a miniature poodle.  A couple days later while on my
walk, I came across a man walking his dog. He hadn’t seen Pooky but he was walking a miniature poodle.  I asked him where he lived; he told me the
address and sure enough there was a fence and flowers.  But no Pooky.  Sadly I went home, but as I was unlocking my door…meow, meow...and in
ran Pooky!!!  He is still with me and he is the love of my life!

The second time I called Lisa was about a year ago when I had to deal with letting go
\of Ginger who was 15 years old.  Again, she helped me tremendously.  
Lisa confirmed that I was doing the right thing at the right time.  Ginger was ready to
be released and I know she is a happy and healthy spirit girl!  
Cindy Silipo, Delray Beach, FL