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Animal Communication


Readings, Reiki, Grief Support

Animal Communication

Telepathic animal communication helps detect emotional, psychological, and physical issues to bring you and your animal back into harmony.  It  solves behavioral mysteries and strengthens the human-animal bond.  End of life and afterlife sessions provide reassurance as we grieve.  Of course, a consultation simply for fun is always enlightening.


Reiki  energy healing relaxes animals, inviting the natural healing process to work.  It  speeds up release of stale energy and benefits body, mind, and spirit. It calms and de-stresses terminally ill animals undergoing harmful chemical treatments, and eases the transition from this plane to the next. Reiki also helps detect imbalances in the aura and prevents them from manifesting physically.

Classes, Lectures, and Fundraisers

Lisa teaches classes on request and delivers lectures and animal communication events for groups, giving special consideration to animal welfare organizations.  Request a fundraising event or a fun, small house gathering to suit your needs.

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